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Welcome to TLM-3D Design&Modeling's website

The company offers advanced design services using software such as: AutoCAD Plant, Infraworks, AutoCAD Civil 3D

The 3D Design is an advanced tool that saves time and money and allows you to manage the planning process and future progress more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

The many and varied benefits of 3D Design relate to improving and streamlining the quality of service of those engaged in the various fields of engineering and architecture.

TLM's form of work - 3D Design allows each customer to tailor a personalized service package. Whether it is a response to a specific need such as an earthworks plan or the laying out of walls, or whether it is a full accompaniment throughout the life of the project.

TLM - 3D Design is a unique company in its field in Israel that offers landscape planning offices, civic infrastructure, and architecture, modeling services, consulting and training, at a level of professionalism and uncompromising service.

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Our Services

The services that TLM-3D Planning offers enable any office that deals with architectural planning, landscape planning, or civil infrastructure planning to enjoy the benefits of 3D engineering models. All you have to do is submit the exact plans, and we will build the model for you and provide you with the products you need.

Our products include:

Earthworks Plans Laying Walls | Cuts | Elevation Surgery Gradient Surgery Quantity Statements Road modeling Design and modeling of piping systems Infrastructure Coordination Template | Guidance, assimilation and support, and more

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

 Building Information Modeling

Modeling of landscape architectural plans and civil infrastructures for use BIM

Drawing template building

Drawing template creation

Drawing template customization for design firms

Consultancy and support


Consultancy and support


Consultancy services for designers in assimilating Civil 3D in design processes

Consultancy services for designers in assimilating Civil 3D in design processes


Infrastructure coordination

Infrastructure coordination

Modeling and coordination of

infrastructure systems based on consultant planning and measurements

Conceptual design

Conceptual design

Design and modeling of sketch plans and preparation of possible alternatives

Landscape and infrastructure design and modeling

Landscape and infrastructure design and modeling

Design and modeling services for landscape architecture and civil engineering design firms

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תכנון ומידול אדריכלות נוף
Yitzhak Arad

About Itzhak Arrad

Itzhak founded the company in 2018 after recognizing the need and efficiency of advanced engineering design, and he brings with him rich experience, accuracy, thoroughness, and high technical ability that together create a broad infrastructure for optimal utilization of the tools and capabilities available to TLM - 3D Design



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Contact us

Mobile: 054-4711989

Office: 04-7745599

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