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תכנון תלת מימדי לתשתיות אזרחיות ואדריכלות

אודות ת.ל.מ-תכנון תלת מימדי 

Our Services

The services that TLM-3D Planning offers enable any office that deals with architectural planning, landscape planning, or civil infrastructure planning to enjoy the benefits of 3D engineering models. All you have to do is submit the exact plans, and we will build the model for you and provide you with the products you need.

Our products include:

Earthworks Plans Laying Walls | Cuts | Elevation Surgery Gradient Surgery Quantity Statements Road modeling Design and modeling of piping systems Infrastructure Coordination Template | Guidance, assimilation and support, and more

Infrastructure coordination

Infrastructure coordination

Modeling and coordination of

infrastructure systems based on consultant planning and measurements

Conceptual design

Conceptual design

Design and modeling of sketch plans and preparation of possible alternatives

Landscape and infrastructure design and modeling

Landscape and infrastructure design and modeling

Design and modeling services for landscape architecture and civil engineering design firms


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